Remembering Through Repetition

Most memorization techniques require that you go above and beyond what you normally think about something in order to better memorize it. However, there is one technique that you can use on a daily basis that will greatly allow you to remember bits of information much better. Unlike some other types of memorization, you can feel free to use this technique on the fly without having to know any rules, draw any fancy pictures or associate any special thoughts or other memories with them. At this point you may be feeling quite a bit intrigued by what could be in store for you, so let’s move right on to it, shall we?

There was a time, back in third grade, I believe, when we were all required to learn our times tables. Multiplication was one of those subjects that students either knew right away or had difficulty with. But, do you know what one mental aspect which each and every student who succeeded at their multiplication tables was?

It was the ability to memorize all of the different basic multiplications that we needed to learn.

If you were a student who could commit every multiplication from one times one to twelve times twelve to your memory, you were able to solve every single problem the teacher could throw at you. I remember my class almost like it was yesterday. We were all taught the basic multiplication tables from one to twelve and a week later we were required to know them all should the teacher ask us. Sure enough, a week later we each had to sit down one by one in front of the teacher where she would ask us to do random problems and then tell her the answer. If you got all ten questions right, then you earned a gold star – otherwise it was back to the books and you had to try again the next day, and the day after that, and so on and so forth.

So, do you know how well I scored on my first multiplication test? Yep, that’s right – I got a perfect ten out of ten on my first try when other kids in my class could not even get more than five or six correct. What was my secret you ask? It was nothing more than committing each and every problem to memory through a simple little technique known as repetition. It worked wonders for me all through grade school and even helped me out in college level courses, making it one of my most tried and true memorization techniques. What is so beautiful about using repetition is that you can use it anywhere, anytime, and you do not need to do any other mental work in order to stash your thoughts in your mind for either long or short term memorization.

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