Mastering Mnemonics

Do you remember when you were a child sitting in your weekly music class in grade school? The teacher probably kept trying to get you and your fellow students to learn all of the notes on the treble and bass scales, but for some reason the information she gave simply would not stick – all of those letters were just too tough to remember.

So, you went home and try as you might you studied them as hard as you could just so you could master the recorder, piano, clarinet or whatever instrument you had your heart set on.

It was not until later that you realized the power of what could happen if you associated the letters that you needed to memorize with various words and phrases. Suddenly, a simple mixture of letters such as E, G, B, D, F and F, A, C, E turned into two different types of mnemonic devices, Every Good Boy Does Fine and FACE – simple mnemonic devices which you could use to remember information that seemed so abstract at the time.

Having been used for thousands of years, mnemonic devices have become some of the most popular memorization techniques that are currently used to this day. With their unique blend of repetition and association, a mnemonic device can be tailored to your own personal style and taste so that you can effectively remember just about anything you can imagine.

Whether you are more comfortable with simply making a single word out of the first letters of whatever it is you are trying to remember or if you want to create a whole new phrase, poem or limerick with the items you need to remember, a mnemonic device is set up so that you have total creative freedom over how you choose to exercise your memory.

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