Use Spaced Repetition to Go Beyond Simple Memorization

Simple repetition techniques may help you commit any item or list of information into your long term memory, but it has one major problem – it never actually helps you learn or apply any of that information. The information simply sits in your mind, waiting for you to pull it out when necessary without any […]

Making Repetition Work for You

Each and every person in this world will use the memorization techniques outlined in this book in a totally different way. However, when it comes to repetition, there is really only one correct way to do it that has been discovered to work for just about any type of person, no matter how they think […]

Revealing the Basics of Repetition

One of the first memorization techniques that we are taught as children is to repeat something over and over again either out loud or in our minds. This turned out to be a great technique for everything from remembering the letters of the alphabet to learning how to count and even for higher level techniques […]

Remembering Through Repetition

Most memorization techniques require that you go above and beyond what you normally think about something in order to better memorize it. However, there is one technique that you can use on a daily basis that will greatly allow you to remember bits of information much better. Unlike some other types of memorization, you can […]