Unlocking the Usefulness of Visual Mnemonic Devices

When it comes to the use of mnemonic devices, word formation and phrase formation styles always get all of the credit for helping people remember all types of information. However, there is one often overlooked style of mnemonic device that many people use each and every day whether they think about it or not. Known […]

Tackle Tough Subjects with Phrase Creation Mnemonic Devices

Creating mnemonic devices for simple lists of information that you need to memorize can be a pretty easy task, but what happens if you have to memorize a list of information that may be quite a bit longer, lacking in words starting with vowels and must stay in order for that information to retain its […]

Use a Mnemonic Device to Create a Word

So, now that you know what mnemonic devices are, how do you go about making them? One of the most common ways that people create their own mnemonic device is to use the first letter of each word they are trying to memorize to create a whole new word or phrase. When I was in […]

Mastering Mnemonics

Do you remember when you were a child sitting in your weekly music class in grade school? The teacher probably kept trying to get you and your fellow students to learn all of the notes on the treble and bass scales, but for some reason the information she gave simply would not stick – all […]